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Social networks enable a dialogue among customers and fuel word-of-mouth. We develop and implement social media marketing strategies to showcase your expertise, engage users, and compel them to invite their friends.

– Facebook and Twitter Profile Management
– Blog and Social Media PR & Communications
– Promotional Campaigns, Games, and Contests


Social media marketing is turning the world on its head. The rise of blogs, as well as social networking sites and communities such as MySpace, Digg, YouTube, FaceBook and Twitter represent an online revolution in which consumers are now empowered to do more than just listen to corporate and brand messaging. They can respond—and sometimes in a very loud voice, one that can resound and reverberate across the online landscape.

It’s time that marketers embrace the Web 2.0 marketing and the social media phenomenon. Social media represents an unprecedented opportunity for companies to listen to their customers and learn about their needs, wants, and desires. Plus, social networking sites represent massive groups of users eager to engage with their favorite brands.

XtraSpark’s team of social media analysts, enables our clients to tap into—and reach out to—the millions of social media users today to listen to their likes and dislikes, as well as actively engage them with their brands. From gathering business intelligence and brand feedback, to targeting the right sites for your social media outreach, to creating content that resonates with your audiences, our social media team will help create a program with clear objectives and measurable results.  Contact Us

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