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mark-richMark Rich, a native of Brockport New York, is in charge of heading up the company’s online marketing and communications campaigns.  In 2010, he obtained his MBA from the University of Western Sydney. Since then, Mark has worked primarily in the Internet marketing industry where he specializes in Copywriting Lead Generation and Search Engine Optimization.  Mark’s latest personal project is a “how-to” soccer film which measures the perceptual differences between elite, average, and novice soccer players using the latest in sports tracking technology.

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What: XtraSpark Media is a full-service online marketing agency dedicated to providing solutions to businesses that wish to fully leverage the power of the internet.

Who: We work with businesses owners from around the world and across different industries.  Our clients include everyone from technology start-ups to firmly established offline businesses looking to start marketing their services online.  What do all our clients have in common?   They are all on a mission to make this world a better place in their own way.  Our clients are leaders who care just as much about community, giving back, and customer service as much as they care about bottom line profits.  They all recognize that the internet is an extremely powerful tool that can help give their business that “extra spark” which will take their businesses to the next level. (Hint: If this sounds like you, we should chat.)

Why:  Because we understand the internet inside-out!  More importantly, we also understand exactly how to use it to help companies make more money.

Where: We are everywhere and no where.  Because we are a virtual company, our team can work anywhere in the world.  This works out nicely because although we are based in Rochester New York, we can serve clients anywhere in the world. (and we do including clients in Australia and the UK)

How: Through our magical ability to turn clicks into money!  Well, that… and search engine optimization, social media marketing, website design and conversion, content marketing, blog design and development, training, consulting, and speaking.  When we say that XtraSpark is a full-service company, we mean it.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Call us today at 585-697-4007 for more information about our internet marketing services. Turn those clicks into clients.

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XtraSpark Media
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Phone : 585-697-4007
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